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“Bastion SV” features a group of experienced craftsmen dedicated to their profession. Within the last 15 years, they have been successfully transforming the sound of hammer against the anvil into a charming melody of a finished artwork.

The company has been constantly taking part in all sorts of exhibitions, trade fairs, and municipal events. At numerous celebrations, such as the Blacksmith Festival held in Ivano-Frankivsk on the annual basis, the public has a chance to enjoy and evaluate the results of our artists’ creativity.

Examples of work in our officeDesigner in search of new design elements

As metal wrought iron creations are the company’s main activity, we’ve expanded our range of service offering our clients laser cutting, computerized projecting, and metal structures renovation throughout Ukraine.

Forged elementsThe smiths Bastion SV work

We pride ourselves on being a part of different designing teams for many cafes and restaurants, both local and international. Inspiring people with our craftsmanship is our greatest dedication.