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The structure and the engineering system safety is mainly affected by the proper installation as well as by the quality of the materials used for it. However, even the highest-quality metal construction is limited by its term of use. Therefore, restoration is absolutely needed to prevent the building collapse or structure deformation.

Restored elements gateRestored forged gateUpdated handrails elements

Factors that cause the need for restoration and repair of metal structures:

  • The damage done by external impact.
  • Natural wear.
  • Non-professional low-quality metal structure service.

You should keep an eye on the current state of the metal elements in order to:

  • Extend the metal construction lifetime due to professional service.
  • Provide safety at a certain construction site.
  • Prevent accidents and emergency situations by conducting timely restoration works.

The most common threats caused by unqualified restoration works:

  • The risk of building collapse.
  • Reducing the metal construction lifetime.
  • Violating technical parameters and losing the exterior attraction.

During the restoration, we do the following:

  • Tightening up the loose elements.
  • Visual inspection of the damaged areas and diagnostic measuring.
  • Geometrical corrections.
  • Coating metal with anti-corrosion substances.
  • Crack repairs.
  • Replacing the expired lifetime elements.