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Laser technology is the most popular method of cutting metal sheets. This technology allows for the boldest design ideas. The latest equipment we use makes it possible to handle any form with the highest precision. We provide laser cutting at the best prices in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Laser cutting - speed and accuracy

The Advantages of Metal Laser Cutting

The main benefits of this technology are as follow:

  • The possibility to produce tangled contours without the need to overheat the metal sheet. This ensures a smooth cutting edge which makes further polishing unnecessary.
  • Efficiency and high performance. As the equipment is easy to handle and to install, there’s a possibility to speed up metal processing which means your order can be fulfilled in no time.
  • No leavings. As the metal area which is heated up for cutting is really small, it allows for sparing the material by reducing the cutting gap.
  • Figure cutting. No matter how sophisticated the pattern may look like, the laser cutting technique will easily cope with the task.
  • Outstanding precision. The cutting deviation of our equipment cannot exceed 0.01mm which provides a stunning precision to the cutting process.
  • The possibility to cut soft metal types. As the laser cutting technology does not require excessive pressure to be applied, it allows for working with soft or fragile materials without the risk of their deformation.

Hi-Tech Metal Cutting

Nowadays, cutting aluminum and its alloys is quite popular. However, as the thermal conductivity of aluminum is quite high, this process features some specific details. As opposed to stainless steel, for example, cutting aluminum alloys is technically much more complicated. We offer a wide range of laser metal cutting services to fulfill your order as quickly as possible.