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Unlike other types of metal coating, galvanization provides the metal surface with an ultra-thin layer (up to 200 microns) providing protection against oxidizing which is the main reason for metal corrosion. In addition, the metal becomes harder and more resistant to harsh wear and tear conditions. Not only it acquires anti-friction quality, but also gets an improved appearance when galvanized.

Applying protective coating is widely used in automobile and aircraft industries as well as in radio engineering and construction. Galvanizing is also often applied to develop exterior and interior design solutions.

You can often find galvanized elements in the production of furniture elements, door fittings, curtain rods, and other elements of building interior/exterior. As this technology has plenty of advantages, its sphere of application is constantly expanding.

When choosing the right type of coating for your metal structures, the following should be taken into account:

  • Potential destroying factors.
  • The purpose of coating.
  • Use conditions.
  • Application method.
  • The cost.

Treated parts for mounting metal structuresGalvanic coverings lattices

As opposed to chrome, zinc, or lead coatings, the method of galvanization allows for better chemical stability which makes the treated structures less prone to intense wear. On the other hand, applying chrome, copper, nickel, silver, and gold coatings provides structures with exceptional appeal and attraction.